Hi all,

I'm currently using imagemagick to resize gifs for my site. But the compression doesn't seem really good.

I've already tried optimizing it the best way I could, but it isn't satisfactory. Does anyone have recommendations for a better option?

Tumblr's gif compression seems to be the best I've seen, was hoping if I could achieve similar results.


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Hi, it could depend on the Quantum Depth of your current ImageMagick setup. Run this command in terminal:

identify -list configure |grep QuantumDepth

you should get QuantumDepth 16, usually however it's 8, which referes to the memory bit quality. In few words, to get better results you have to recompile ImageMagick with Q16 or Q32 as suggested here: http://www.imagemagick.org/script/advanced-unix-installation.php

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I wasn't aware that you could change the quality of a gif. Resize, sure, but not change the quality as it's loseless. You can do it with jpeg as it's lossy. Are you just looking to resize? If so, have you tried the GD library functions?

I suggest you to try Gif Resizer.

I wasn't aware that you could change the quality of a gif.

It's the quality of the resize process, not of the GIF.

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