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Hey guys,

Just thought I'd throw this question out there out of curiousity.

I've been through a few IDEs, to be honest I was rolling with notepad for the longest part, now I'm a hardcore sublime fan. I don't think I've ever used anything so streamlined. It just blows all the other IDEs out of the water.

I'm also rolling with sqleo for a comprehensive drag and drop free query builder. What are you using?

What are you using and why?

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I am enjoying with Komodo))

Am enjoying with Komodo.

Dreamweaver CS5 all the way!!

Its a well designed IDE with loads of features, the only drawback is the price...

JetBrains' PhpStorm. Got into it because it's from the same guys as ReSharper. Works like a charm, and out of the box debugging. Using Navicat Premium for all my DB stuff.

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@Pritaeas yeah phpStorm looks pretty complete. I must admit the $$$ put me off slightly. I was first adverse to using sublime but the trial doesn't actually run out or require you to purchase it, you just click to ignore the message every week or so.

Was using navicat as well for my db stuff but again the price tag 30 day trial put me off. sqleo, although java based (which is my only issue) serves as my all in one db management (querying tool) along with using phpmyadmin side by side.

Along with chromes brilliant inspect element I'm using

That's about the only thing I've paid for.

Greatest advantage of Navicat, one client for all DB servers. But if you use only one, that doesn't matter.

Netbeans + Toad

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I don't think any IDE has a kitchen sink of utilities that can be used for everything - no Swiss Army Knife out there. Development needs a range of tools. Here are a selection of ones I find useful:

IDE: DW CS5 - does everything I need, including a cut-down SVN, although I use Bluefish for small projects. I've tried most Win-based ones and liked Aptana, Netbeans and Sublime2 -
SQL GUI: SQLyog Community - although no Query Builder - but it forces you to actually think -

Other essentials for me:
FTP: Filezilla - better then DW in-built FTP:
PoEdit: For gettext-based localizations along with GNU package for XGETTEXT - and
SimpLESS: Windows GUI for compiling LESS files to CSS -

Sometimes Useful
StarUML: UML Diagramming -

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