i want to make a online examination project so plz help me
i want to fetch the questions randomly from database and with 4 options and when i answer this question it should match with correct answers so that i can display th result of the test plz give the code for doing this.

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Dont you currently have any code, that is not working or need to be tweaked?

As klemme has elegantly put, you need to do your own work and only use the forums for support on bits you are stuck on (as suggested by the rules).

A quick hint though as to where you should start. Look into how to:

  • Implement a pseudo random number generator
  • Query a database (to get a question and answer)
  • Compare two values and display content based upon the outcome

sir i know it it should be done in this way i have tis logic but i need code becoz m new in php development

Then I suggest you buy a good book, or there are plenty of tutorials online for learning PHP.

The Daniweb forums are not designed for us to create your code for you, and even if someone did write the entire project then you wouldn't learn anything from it.

If you know the logic behind what you need to do, then why can't you do your own research using the official documentation and the many different internet search engines out there, to do it?

(And assuming it was you, no need to down vote both answers which are simply trying to help you)

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You can use online apps like ProProfs if you don't want to DIY

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