$header = "From: $From_Email\n";
    $header .= "MIME-Version: 1.0\n";
    $header .= "Content-Type: multipart/mixed; ";
    $header .= "boundary=$num\n";
    $header .= "--$num\n";

    # Define the message section
     $header .= "Content-Type: text/html\n";
     $header .= "Content-Transfer-Encoding:8bit\n\n";
     $header .= "$strMail\n";
     $header .= "--$num\n";

      # Define the attachment section
      $header .= "Content-Type:  image/jpg; ";
      $header .= "name=\"Photo.jpg\"\n";
      $header .= "Content-Transfer-Encoding:base64\n";
      $header .= "Content-Disposition:attachment; ";
      $header .= "filename=\"Photo.jpg\"\n\n";
      $header .= "--$num--";

Can any one see why the above doesn't work in outlook please. You get the message 0k but the image is corrupt. If you look at the message source it is all AAAAAAAAA's. It works fine in express


Is Outlook set to receive HTML emails?

This is not the default setting, normally it is plain text

The message is fine - it is just the image that isn't so I presume it is. Two people are having the same problem and both are using outlook.

I have been told that they are ok now even though I haven't touched anything. Thnaks for all your help

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