Take note this was just done for the sake of experimentation to headstart my journey in CodeIgniter. :D

Hello Stackoverflow. Why is it that my page only echoes the username of the given inputs? Could you please tell me on what part did I screw up??


$data = array(
                'name'        => 'username',
              'id'          => 'username',
$data2 = array(
                'name' >= 'pw',
                'value' >= ''

$data3 = array(
                'value'        => 'Submit',
                'type' >=  'submit'

echo form_open();
echo form_input($data);
echo form_password($data2);
echo form_submit($data3);
echo form_close();

$hello  = $this->input->post('username');
$hello2  = $this->input->post('pw');
echo $hello. " ". $hello2;

Inside $data2 change:

'name' >= 'pw',


'name' => 'pw',

The same goes for value in the same array and type in $data3. By the way, this is Daniweb not SO.