Please I have a bulk SMS website which I have developed and everything is working fine. The remaining part of the website is the Resellers part where my customers can have their own store where they can sell with their customised name. I am using a VPS Server with a dedicated IP, the problem am having is, i have designed a template for my customers store, how can a customer point his or her domain name to my server by changing his DNS to my own server DNS, so that my server can see it and then it can be linked to a particular account in my bulk sms accounts and it will be using the store template. I don't even know any name to give to what am look for, but any body have any idea of what am trying to say please help me.


First and foremost, everything that I will write below this paragraph, are not a reflection of any assumption that you don't know anything. I must say this first, because there are members here who would interpret my response as such.

I am sure you did this already: Register your DNS to your domain registrar... for example if you have ns1.yourDomainDotCom and ns2.YourDomainDotCom, you will need to log on to your domain registrar's account e.g. and add those two as your domain host name. Make sure each are pointing to your IP.. If you only have one IP then both must be pointed to this IP>

Instruct your users or members to change the nameservers of their domain name. They don't need your IP address just need the ns1.yourDomainDotCom and ns2.YourDomainDotCom. Tell them to logon to their own domain registrar and update the nameservers of their domain.

Let them wait 2 to 72 hours to completely propagate..

Some VPS hosting company will provide many IP addresses for one account. If this is your case, create at least 3 sets or depending on how many IP addresses do you have. Always reserve one IP for your main site and the rest can be use as DNS.. You must do this in WHM panel of your VPS main account.

After setting up the DNS for your clients you will need to create a package account in your WHM panel. Depending on how much space you are going to give your users.. for example, you can create basic, intermmediate, and pro accounts.. each domain names must be assigned into account group.

Please can you tell me the full meaning of WHM?

WHM == Web Host Manager. Depending on your server configuration, WHM can be access through your browser by typing is your main IP address.

I am not sure if your WHM location follows the same address. Make sure to confirm this address with your hosting provider.