I am searching for an e-commerce solution that integrates with paypal and wordpress wich can show the remaining balance for the payment for a customer.

I sell services and sometimes my customer needs pay with multiple payments, within multiple days.

For example : My typical price for my service is 1000$. People have to register first, pay more than 150$ to confirm their inscription. And then they have to pay 850$.

Sometime they pay 850$ with Paypal, but sometimes they like to pay 400 now and pay 540 the next week, etc etc. Sometimes I give financial aid and I negociate a new price.

I actually have a php script that ''does'' that, but it does not keep the customer informations, its sending me an email with the customer info and payment information and I manually send back the balance with an email template. Ideally I want to keep my customers informations on a Database because the registering process takes time and is time consuming for me and my customers.


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If you have a script that will inform, you could use CRON to run the script every week to send emails notification.

That assumes you have access to CRON (linux platrfom)

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If you have a script that will inform, you could use CRON to run the script every week to send emails notification.

That assumes you have access to CRON (linux platrfom)

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You say you already has a script that sends you a notification email when a payment is made. Could you just alter that so instead of sending you an email, it updates the database. I assume you are already storing the members info in a database when they register?

What is the script that does instant payment notification? It should return pretty much all the information from paypal. You can then use those info. for your database e.g. payment recieved, customer's name, and email address.

You just have to deduct the confirmed payments off the outstanding balance, and then set the elapse time from the date of payment...e.g. 30 days from today, then the paypal IPN script will once again request for the payment authorization for the remaining amount in full or partial..

Just to give you the idea, here is a classic reponses from paypal on confirmed payment. Please look at the Example Report in the bottom part of the page..

Actually we are using php and Paypal. The user fills out a form wich is stored in a php array and send out by email to sales@mydomain.com, after the array is destroyed. If the user sends full payment, he receive a confirmation email indicating everything is ok.

If the payment is partially sent, we use the paypal API to generate a unique ID associated with the email with the remaining balance. The email, the ID and the remaining balance is stored on a mysql database.

The user can input his email and ID and the paypal API generates the remaining balance and offers a link to complete the payment.

This actual solution doesnt work well with wordpress, I was wondering what solutions like opencart and zoocommerce could do it better. Users have to input theirs info everytime, and its a 4 page form.

I am willing to start a github project with my source.


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