Hi ,

I have an website from where I want to view image using any image viewer . Images are uploaded in cloud server from where I want to show images by clicking on a link . Images are downloaded but taking much time . What I want is to download images within 2 to 3 seconds.If any can ......very urgent.

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It depends on your bandwidth, unless your code does weird things.

Maybe preload the images when the page is first accessed so that when the user clicks on the link, the image is shown immediately since its already been downloaded.

how big are the images ?
printers are 600-2400dpi
viewing images, the best screens are ~220dpi so the image does not have to be big, a 5000x4000 image looks the same onscreen as a 1000x800 image (25x smaller)
maybe resize the images for the intended use, they will be smaller in proportion to the reduced square-size and faster to download