Can You Please exaplain what 0(ZERO),geocode=0,33.32032770893669,-111.96618234118574) represents geocode parameters of below url,+Chandler,+AZ+85226,+USA&geocode=0,33.32032770893669,-111.96618234118574

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I'm guessing it's the accuracy of the map.
With a value of 0 the location marker is directly on the Sandbar Grill. Any other value (or if you ommit the value from the query entirely) the location marker shows the rough location of the grill (actually behind it?).
This is just a guess though.

I always assumed that 0, is
'put the marker on the identifier for the location'
in national parks and other really large single entities, the marker jumps to the labelled name, 1/2mile or more.
the directions still take you to the carpark.
Its usefull if you are going to a 'place' if you are going to the grill, you want the B marker to be on the location marker for the grill, not on the associated building

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