Since I am just experimenting on this, (only localhost) I may like to ask for some ideas(since nothing is really coming out of my mind) about letting a user, who is going to, for example, register to a mini-social-networking site, with a corresponding username/password, personal details, etc. I would upload the image, and save it to a folder, for example '/images/username' and the full path of the folder would be the one inserted to a row named img_dir (of course it is a string, instead of putting it as a BLOB, so later i would just use <img src="path">). I would not mind where it will be going to be saved. But since I am new to cakephp i haven't really grasped the idea of what I am going to do. I have no problems about registering/login sessions. This was easy in C# but I am too stupid for PHP maybe? :P

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Thanks @pritaeas for sharing article.
it is working I am aslo want to same thing I got all queries answer in detail.

I would love to use the plugin but I really want to hard code that. But if there's no other way then I may have to use that! Thank you pritaeas.

i suggest not to use plugin if the same purpose can be achived by little hard code.

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