i am mca fresher.i learned .net(asp.net and c#.net)
i got job offer in small company.but i heard that there is no future in .net
what should i do....should i accept the job or otherwise i am planning to do
ocp(oracle)........pls guide me

No future in .Net? I don't think that's a good guess. I do believe that there is a huge future in .Net! Did you know that Bill Gates said he would bet his company in this .net language? He has put so much into it, and so much has already come out of it. It will only continue to grow and expand, in my humble opinion. Never rely on one persons or company's opinion, but it will all be up to you in the end.

Personally, I think it is a killer language, very good.

cumon dear..
.net is a very interesing language.
and beleive me it has very long future..
so go for it....
best of luck......

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