Hi there,

I have a problem with one of my websites. Some users are complaining that the site wont load in IE9 when others are saying it works fine in IE9. Some people report a 404 error, others report a 500, and some people are saying the page is just plane blank!

Personally the site loads every time for me on multiple IE9 machines from which I have tested it.

This is causing me a bit of a headache.

If you are running IE9 and are able to test this website for me please visit www.ukpumpsupplies.co.uk and see if the page loads. If it doesnt load please tell me the exact version of IE9 you are on and exactly what you can or cannot see.

If anyone with a good knowledge of IE can suggest any reasons why this may be happening in IE9 I would be greatful.

Thanks guys.

Its working properly in both firefox and internet explorer...

My internet explorer version is 7.0.6000.21342

In my office we are running at this version. I will intimate you shortly about the results on IE9...

I don't have access to IE9 at the moment, but what I do when testing sites is use a site such as browsershots.com to test my site(s) using various different browsers.

When I get a access to IE9, I'll test for you as well.