I want some solution that how to download the videos from youtube like some toutorials using idm or other downloader like real player downloader is unable to do so.

The downloading just stops in the mid and downloading stops.
Or the thing download proves to be just a crap and nothing.

Is it becasuse of the adds on the youtube because idm there gives a number of playback videos and audios. Now what to do to download the complete working video tutorials.
One more thing i have to us hotspot sheild to acces youtube???

I have downloaded mozilla firefox add-ons but they too are unable to download the complete video only a file of 101MB got download out of 780MB...

I am also using both IDM and download helper, but i didnt face this problem. The problem will be in the video. Try to play the video for few minutes and check whether its playing properly.

Please also ensure your problem by downloading other videos too.

And there is also a possibility that this can also happen due to your connectivity problems. Please check that also.

Hope this helps u...:D