I have been using a D-Link DSL-2730U modem for over a year now. This modem served a desktop PC (connected directly from the modem to PC's LAN card), a laptop, and three smart phones (by wi-fi). None of us had any problem in accessing the internet from the PC/laptop/smart phones. About 10 days ago, one of the mobile phones (Sony Ericsson minipro) stopped getting the wi-fi connectivity from this modem, though the others continue to get the wireless or the wired connectivity. This mobile phone picks wi-fi connection from modems belonging to my friends when I visit them and am able to get my e-mail or use the browser for searching. This shows that there is nothing wrong with the mobile phone, and the problem is only with the modem.

However, when I switch off the mobile phone and again restart, at my location where the above-mentioned D-Link DSL-2730U modem is available, the phone (Sony Ericsson minipro) gets the wi-fi connectivity for about 2-3 minutes and then gets disconnected. As a result of this, the modem was re-configured to see if the problem could be rectified. Unfortunately, the problem has not been resolved, and the mobile phone still does not have the wi-fi connectivity.

Can somebody suggest ways to correct this problem?

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Since your other phones are still working with the access point of the router, I would still suspect the phone. This may be a software problem. Try this:

  1. Delete the connection to the d-link on the phone, and turn off the WiFi.
  2. Shut the phone down entirely, and after at least 10 seconds, restart the phone.
  3. Restart the WiFi and let the phone re-discover the d-link.
  4. Reconnect to the d-link - you will need to re-enter the passphrase.
  5. Let us know if this works.

It is entirely possible for one device to have a problem and the rest connecting fine to be caused by the router, I have seen it many times. Before you play around with the router's settings, try doing a hard reset on it. You should find a recessed reset switch on the modem, (you may need a pin for this)press it for 10 seconds, give it a couple of minutes to sort itself out then see if the problem is fixed.

Sorry, Mr. Rubberman. I went through the first 3 steps. The phone did not re-discover the d-link. I added the wi-fi network manually and entered the password. It mentions "Not in range, remembered" even when I am sitting in front of the modem, as it did all these days.

It worked simply by changing the channel on the modem from 13 to 11...the phone probably does not support channels 12 and above.

More likely it is that there are other access points in range that are using that channel (13) and have more power than yours. Good solution though! :-) Usually, you just see reduced throughput instead of an inability to connect - that may be a bug in the phone's WiFi software.

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I have the same model ,
I think the problem is , you actually changed the password , and when you did that , you changed the authentication type .
Go to Setup > Wireless > Wireless-Security >
make sure that the values are as listed :
Security Mode : WPA2 Only
WPA Encryption : TKIP+AES
Group Key Update Interval : 0

Now if It didn't work , try to change the WPA Encryption to AES , and if that didn't work , change the security mode to none and try It again .

The reason your sony ericsson device can't connect , is most probably not being able to authenticate properly .

same problem i am also facing , i have d link modem 2730u,wifi was connecting lately but now it says not in range(same problem as above) help me please

i think there might be issue of IC in the Dlink Box. Which might drop your signals in some minutes again and again...or otherwise change your adaptor and then check it...

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