I recently reinstalled Windows XP on my Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop with an GeForce Go440 video card. After I did so, my display settings were changed. What I found is that I can set the screen resolution to 1600 x 1200 and the display will take up the entire screen, but the icons and text are tiny. If I adjust the settings too a "looser" resolution, the image no longer takes up the entire screen, and is surrounded by a black "border". The small icon and text issues are eady to work around from within the display settings as far as using the desktop. The problem is that when I open any my programs such as Reason, the display is just too darn small to navigate. I tried downloading most recent drivers for the video card and updating the NVIDIA Bios, This issue began after a clean install. The resolutions were fully adjustable before this. Since its a clean install, I can't revert back to a previous setting. I just tried using "F8" on my keyboard and enabling VGA mode. This set my resolution to its lowest setting, and the image, while huge and blurry, filled my screen, it ceased to fill the screen again once I adjusted the resolution higher. HELP! Please, This is annoying the hell out of me!! thanks to anyone willing to try to help!

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Do you have service pack 2 and all those good updates?

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Do you have service pack 2 and all those good updates?

Yes, but oddly enough I found the answer elsewhere. I found that by pressing FN and F7 at the same time after choosing the resolution I wanted, the display adjusted to fit the screen. Weird, but it worked. Thanks for replying.

Thanks for the Fn F7 answer to this issue. My cat sat on the laptop keyboard and next thing I know I had the small display surround by a black border. All fixed now.

ei, lipsmack thanks for the help (Fn F7) but my problem now is when i used these settings, my quicklaunch menu is un-accessible? i mean i cant access my quicklaunch. how about your display? is it the same? please help

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This was driving me crazy!!!

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