Hello, this is a broad question but I need help selecting a webhost. Currently I am with GoDaddy and they are a great hosting site. The problem I have is they only allow 1GB how data to be stored in a database. They do allow unlimited databases but I am not interested in that. I want to have unlimited data storage for my database or at least a significant amount. Does anyone know of a web hosting site where they are no limits on the amount of data allowed to be stored in one mysql database? Or at least a significant amount of data?

According to hostgator's support site, this page indicates that there is no limit to the number of MySQL databases, nor do they impose a size limit on the DB.

it may be worth you reaching out to their sales/support to validate.

I havent used them myself, i have a few webs on GoDaddy. I havent had the need for that much space and GoDaddy's service has been pretty good so i've stuck with them.


[edit] i just sent a note to Arvixe hosting, and asked if they had any restrictions on the size of DBs. Here is there response via live chat...

there is no limit on MySQL databases where as MS SQL database can be of 10GB size at maximum

I hope this helps... just check around, you can get this info pretty quickly, if not from their comparison page, just live chat with their support...

I have used hostgator for a good 5 years, I abuse them for their unlimited storage :) Not bad for the price. They have the best support, have never gone down, and their live chat guys have any issues solved within minutes. I trust them, which is saying something!

For serious projects and web apps I used http://linode.com and setup my own LAMP stacks on VPS's with either CentOS or Ubuntu 10.04. Their support is bloody fast and well... they know Linux and web hosting better than their own families I'm sure.