Hy guys, haven't been here for a while, and I m having a problem that I didn't use to have before.
When I was uploading via filezilla ftp client program a month ago a asp.net built website I didn't have any problems whatsoever.
Now I'm facing problems and always getting the same error altough I did everything(the upload to the correct path) as i used to do before!
Here is the webiste, so please any suggest, some possible modifications that could solve the problems will be greatly appreciated!

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Do you have a default document in that directory. When i access the page, i get a 403 error. if you dont have a default file defined in IIS or your web.config then you have to specify the file name in the URL.

Yeah, I tried a range of standard start pages (index & default) with a host of extensions but got 403 for all of them. It looks like you have no start page defined. Try browsing to page URL you know exists and see if it displays.

Thank you guys for your quick answer, here is the directory so that you can see and maybe point to towards the error.

Ok.. the picture helped... Because of the way you uploaded your files, to get to default.aspx, your actual URL is...


Either way, that page fails because you have some error. I cant see the error because of your settings in web.config.

Also, there are quite a bit of files you are uploading from your project folder that arent necessary.

Delete all of those folders and files (assuming you have a local copy).

connect with FTP and only upload default.aspx/default.aspx.cs/vb, your web.config file and anything else you need for the default page to run. Upload these files to the root directory of your web. Then try again.

You should turn off custom errors for now... in your web.config...

        <customErrors mode="Off"/>

Actually what I did, I uploaded all the files to the root directory without the folders which i had before. Now I m able to see my page but can you please give me a suggestion at least why doesn't the folder thing work. I m sure that it used to work before when uploading everything with the folders along...

The reason why I m asking for this is because i have a Huge project to upload and it would take time and also it would be messy to have everything in the root folder

The folder thingy did work. You saw that I was able to navigate to the default page right? granted there was an error on the page but I did reach the page.

The problem was that at the root you had no default document to load so that's why the 403 error happened.

You can create as many folders as you like. It's just that in your picture, the redundant folders didn't make sense to me. You can have it that way if you wish.

So in other words you re saying that I have to upload my default.aspx along with other files that are needed for the default.aspx to function and then I can add all the other folders(other pages that are linked to default.aspx) But with the correct path(towards these folders) SPECIFIED inside the .cs files?

Yes you have to upload your aspx and code behind files, web.config at the least. If you have dlls, controls, etc... That are required in your project upload them too. I don't use it, but visual studio has a publish process that may make it easiest for you. I simply use an FTP client to upload my files.

In a web project, you generally use relative paths in all if your files regardless if they are in your aspx or code-behind pages.

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