hello ever body thank to take to read my question.
i develop my website in dreamweaver i'm not good in php but i try and i learn,
i want calculate the total price of goods and i use html form i want 3 different shipping when customer shoose the total must change but i don't know how and i tried this it don't work.

<?php $shipping1='20.78';
                <option value="20.00"><?php echo $shipping1 ?> </option>
                <option value="0.00"><?php  echo $shipping2 ?> </option>
                <option value="12.00"><?php echo $shipping3 ?></option>
              <label for="shipping">Total</label><input name="total" type="text" id="total" value="<?php echo number_format ($row_total['total'], 2, '.', ''); ?>" readonly>
              <input name="total" type="text" value="<?php echo $row_panier['prix'+$shipping1]; ?>">
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You need to focus on javascript /jquery to make it user interactive.

Php will play role at the time of loading or saving from /to server.


i never use javascript and jquery where can i find hlp

Type jquery into a search engine.
Type in javascript tutorial into a search engine


i have read small article on avascript and jquerry but for my problem i don't how to aply


Start small and work up to more complicated examples.
If you want to use jquery, it couldn't really be easier...

Place this at the bottom of your page (just above the </body> tag)

<script src="//ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.10.2/jquery.min.js"></script>
     /* your javascript / jquery code goes here */

Examples of jQuery code could be, say you have a

<p class="first">This is my first paragraph</p>

Tag like that in your html...

     $('.first').html('This is my jQuery content');

Anyway, if you want jQ/jS help - go to that forum...


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