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So... what you seem to have just asked is "How do I make a premium membership for a service that emails me when my server goes down using php and paypal."

Im going to assume, then, that you are instead asking how to use paypal to accept payments using PHP.

They have documentation showing how to do it.

https://www.x.com/ <= paypal developer stuff. Docs and other goodness.

however, you may instead want to start at:

https://developer.paypal.com/ <= paypal sandbox/developer site.


I've been told to read that many times, I just simply don't understand it. I need code examples.


They have examples in them. You are basically using cURL to send user info to PayPal, then parsing the response.


I don't understand it how they got it... I need it better explained to me. I've read their documents over 10 times, and yet it still makes 0 sence to me.


It depends on which method you plan on using...

The basics of it:

Make a form that takes their name, billing address, (zip is most important), CC number, CID (optional), exp date.

That form posts to a page you control (you are free to store that data, but I encourage the heck out of you not to, as it's a crap ton of responsibility and if someone cracks your database, it's on you for all those credit card numbers).

That page's sole purpose is to send a cURL forward to paypal.

You need to also send your vendor ID, or whatever they call it.

In all fairness, I have only used their Classic API which is based off name value pairs, and they do a send back... it's far easier to follow than their current RESTful API.. you may want to start there...


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