Dear All;
I have table in vehicle.php file that contains vehicle information(plate number, vehicle model, reg. and exp. dates). I pprovided each record with href(more) if he want to know more about this specific vehicle in vehicle-info.php file. in vehicle-info.php I get the plateN and I pass it to the SQL command "Select * from $table where plateN = '$plateN';" However this was not working.
Can you guide me.
I attached my vehicle-info.php
Thanks alots...

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When you say it doesn't work what happens?

The SQL error that I put as acondition it occurs.

What is the SQL error? That error message should tell you what is wrong and point you in the right direction towards fixing it.

I put the condition as following
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result));
echo "<p><i><b><font face=\"Chiller\" size=\"6\" color=\"#FF0000\">Sorry dear</font><font face=\"Chiller\" size=\"5\" color=\"#800000\">,
there is may be an error in our system, please contact us.</font></b></i></p>";

what does this page output as an error??

Sorry dear,
there is may be an error in our system, please contact us.

I took a look at the code and the only things I can see is to check the spelling (case sensitive) of the Index in your $_GET array.

Personally I would change the if statement. check if your result variable contains any data, and move your fetch array down into the if block. Than add a mysql_error(); to your error at the end. This way if your query fails it will tell you what happened so you can fix it. As well I would enclose the code of your else statement in { and } to ensure proper processing. Otherwise evan when it works it will possibly show your error.


$result = mysql_query($sql);
if ($result)
  $row = mysql_fetch_array($result);
  ... (Rest of code)
  ...error code here...

After you do that if you still have errors, they should be more detailed and we will be able to help you out furthur.

The problem now, that I can't view specific info. for specific record.
I wrote
$plateN = $_GET["PlateN"];
$sql = "SELECT * from $table where plateN='$plateN'";

But it does not retriev any data from my DB!

If you echo $plateN what do you get?? Is it blank?

Nothing happened :(

Ok so the problem is passing the info between the pages... What does the link look like on vehicle.php that sends you to vehicle-info.php ??

<th><a href=My-Vehicle-info.php?=".$myrow[0].">More</th>

That is your problem you do not define the veriable name in your link. Modify it to this and it should work:

<th><a href='My-Vehicle-info.php?PlateN=" . $myrow[0] . "'>More</a></th>

The same problem is remain.:(

After you click the link, goto the top of the page in the address bar and copy and paste the link you have starting at My-Vehicle-info.php right to the end.

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