Hi I have a web application that stores detail about letters in an XML file such as recipient, sender, title etc. On my HTML page for creating a letter I have given an option to include a URL which is then saved to the url element in the XML file. I then have another page (PHP) which allows the user's to have a quick view of all letters saved in the XML file, this is done in a table format displaying the ID, Title, Sender, Recipient and URL. I would like on this page for the URL to be clickable and bring the user to the webpage but not sure how I can make this a hyperlink, would it be done in the HTML page, PHP code, XML or the schema for the XML? Thanks in advance

You could wrap an <a href="your-url" target="your_tab_window_id">your-url-again</a> to the printed table from the PHP that displays the table.

You would need to print the href tag out each time for each URL. You could write a small PHP function to do this for each item in the url column.

I was able to get it myself, but done it the same way you suggested so thank you.