i am in bs(It) and now i am intersted in making my final project in asp.net any one can help me which would be best?

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An online shop or a text-based game where users cna make an account, do missions, lvl up , forum, and stuffs. I was thinking about making something like that myself, if I can choose my final project on my .NET course.


Hi, there are no of definitions you can implement as your final year project.
I suggest:
1) Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
2) e-Commerce (Online Shop but try to implement for any unique industry other than clothing and all. You can implement Wholesale selling also.)

3) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP - Combination of Inventory and Accountng System. If you have enough time than you can expan it by including some other modules.)

Main thing is time to develop and analysis. IF you have shortage of time than take any small module as project and implement uniquely and try to develop yourself so you can learn many more things.

If you require any guidence then contact me on harsh9@outlook.com


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