I've created a website in Visual Studio under the VB.NET and I tried to publish the website to my wamp server on my computer but when I try to access my website via webbrowser it shows something like index of/ then list all my web files it does not run it but it shows all the files inside my root file of a domain, so is there any way I can solve this problem actually this is my first project in aspx but I well know vb.net

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To serve ASPX pages you'll need a web server that supports ASP.NET, such as Microsoft's IIS.

WAMP on the otherhand is built around the Apache web server and enables you to develop sites using PHP. As far as I know, it doesn't support ASP.NET.

When a server is not configured to handle a particular type of script, it won't attempt to interpret it. Instead the server will usually return the contents of the script, handling it as if it were just plain text. Be aware that any passwords or private information in your script can get exposed this way.

Eish, so now the reason why I used wamp is that I want to provide with web hosting and this ASPX website I've designed it to handle and process the online domain and web hosting registration from online users, so if I install the IIS 6 won't it inter fear with my wamp server?

No. if you install IIS6 or higher in your computer it won't affect WAMP or other Servers. You can both on different different Port.
You just need to deploy PHP and other Website on WAMP or XAMPP Servers which is Linux based and
Deploy ASPX based .NET Framework websites on IIS.

Ok, so is there any one know how to configure wamp to support the ASP I know that there is some file you need to download and install in the apache which is ASP.NET module but I don't know how to install it. Thank you

From what I've read there was a mod_aspdotnet once, but apparently it has been abandoned. Perhaps Mono is an option.

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