Hi,I can provide all the code etc if you like but this is a very general query and therefore im hopeful someone can answer without too much inconvenience caused.My position and steps so far are basically this - I built a database full of information in MS Access.I duplicated it using MYSQL.Both work perfectly in these formats.I designed the basics of a website using PHP, HTML etc etc.I now wish to place the database on the website in a user friendly way, allowing users to carry out all the searches i can - but over the web. This could be described as a User Interface i guess. My problem is that although i have the basics of PHP and Javascript and HTML and MYSQL, combining these all together is proving extremely time consuming. I will add that i have learned all these things myself and i use notepad to write my pages etc - in hindsight perhaps i took too much on board.For example, the last couple of days i figured out how to create a set of 3 dropdown boxes each dependent on the other, but now i want to pass the values selected by the user in the dropdowns on to another page which uses those values to run statistics etc.My questions to you more intelligent computer folk than i are as follows -1 - What could you recommend that may act as a builder for my purposes. Is there such a thing, because all i have viewed do not do as i want - i mean say i wanted to drop a box here, populate it with these values, then add another box dependent on them etc. Is there a tool that can assist with this?2 - For sanity purposes, is there a definitive answer to my dropdown box query?? Simply put the problem is - i have a form using mysql criteria in dropdown boxes that are dependent on each other, after each dropdown the page refreshes itself and narrows down criteria in the next. Once the user has selected the 3 fields, i want them to be used as criteria for another page. I thank you for reading this and hopefully for your feedback.Kindest RegardsChris

Sounds like you need to post your form values to a page that searches on those values and creates another form? Basic queries using php would do the trick. Use the while loop to write your option tags.

So Page 1's form has this:
<select name=type1><option value=a>Option A</option>
<option value=b>Option B</option>

Then page 2 has a query
<select name=type2>
<? $qry=mysql_query("SELECT whatever from database WHERE something = '$type1` ");
while ($array=mysql_fetch_array($qry)) {
echo "<option>" . $array["whatever"] . "</option>";
} ?></select>

Does that help?