1. A List Apart
2. Smashing Magazine 
3. 456 Berea Street     
4. Meyer Web    
5. Simple Bits  
6. Pearsonified     
7. Tutorial Blog    
8. CSS Beauty   
9. Snook.ca 
10. Bartelme Design 
11. The Man in Blue     
12. Andy Budd   
13. Particle Tree   
14. Warpspire   
15. Brian Gardner   
16. Sitepoint Design Blog   
17. The Undersigned     
18. Bitt Box    
19. Fadtastic   
20. Colour Lovers   
21. David Airey     
22. Design Meltdown 
23. Clagnut     
24. Dev Lounge  
25. Smiley Cat  

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Well, thank you for posting this list. I know the Smashing Magazine, it's a very usefull reference for web designers and developers.

blogs are nothing but Web Designing it is the key aspect for the look and feel along with the maintenance of the website. The web designers will usually take care of the user end designing along with the writing.
There are many factors involved for a successful web designing. The website design will resemble your brand in the online market. Your logo design, graphics design should resemble the stature of your company. The web designing should be user perspective and should attract them to visit the website.

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