I've received a job offer from a company to work as a technical support engineer. I originally interviewed with them for a software developer position, but they offered me a role as a technical support engineer instead. That is because I have just a year of experience as a software developer

I am feeling some pressure to take this role because of the economy and I just quit my previous job due to personal reasons

I don't think I'll get much of a chance to work with any programming languages in this role, so that's why I'm concerned this may hurt my career. But I will get training and get to work with the other software engineers. I want to have a career as a web developer

Any opinions?

The best advice I can give you is to make two lists. Reasons to take the Job and Reasons not to take the Job. Your subconscience will help you make what you really want to do the longer list. And also consider what the company you interviewed with produces and do they have a lot of positions for the job you really want? If they do a lot of web development then there is a chance that the support engineer job could lead you to a position in another department and could get you exposure with the department managers of the groups you want to work in. Personally I have to add make sure you find a job doing something you enjoy, then going to work will be enjoyable instead of just going to work for a paycheck.

Good Luck,