Hi everyone... this is my first post... so I would be quite descriptive

I am working on a Web App which is a Helpdesk Solution and is based on PHP and interacts with MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Postgres SQL... we also support Linux based and Windows based installation... There is quite a bit of dynamicity in the App, including database fetched dynamic forms... and recently we have decided to include AJAX as well.

I need a testing tool which can help me automate my testing process... I have already tried WinRunner and Rational Suite (someone suggested them to me) to no avail.

Can anybody suggest a good, powerful and flexible testing tool... Open Source would be preferred but I am open to all types of softwares.

I have found a web based testing tool called "QEngine" from "AdventNet" http://www.adventnet.com/products/qengine/index.html ... which I found to be quite useful... but is there any better solution??

Any help would be welcome

Thanx in advance

Manu Goel

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You can use Selenium which is open source, license under Apache and can be customized in PHP.

Hope this may help u

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