I want to build a web application for customers to run on their local servers on their computers offline. I want that my code logic be protected and no one can edit and use my code without my permission. Even administrator(client) of that application don't have permission to edit or redistribute it. Is there any way to protect the code without encoding software?
Is there any solution in PHP or ASP.NET?

Is there any way to protect the code without encoding software?

No. You need an encoding tool. PHP is text only, and ASP.NET can be reverse engineered.

You need to protect the code from being viewed in its original text format and you need a licensing scheme to prevent the "encrypted" code from being copied to another server without permission.

ionCube provides both of these functions. This will make it virtually impossible for the average user to pirate your software. Keep in mind however; that no protection is absolute. All you can do is make it much more difficult for a dedicated hacker to break through / bypass the protection that you put in place.

Zend provides a similar protection facility for the code. Not sure if they also offer a licensing scheme. You may find other (cheaper) protection utilities out there but many of them merely "obfusticate" the code and can be easily reversed.

Thx guys for your reply, as I want to distribute the application on client local machine so i case of zend or ioncube i have to install zend or ioncube on his local server.