i have create the report.txt on serverside, now i want to print that file on client side , without open for user (to avoid alteration/ammenent in original report) i.e send that file to local printer.

plz send the sampal code in php for it

i have tryed thr folloing code:-

$handle = printer_open();

/* do some stuff with the dc */
/*printer_set_option($handle, PRINTER_TEXT_COLOR, "333333");
printer_draw_text($handle, 1, 1, "text");

/* create another dc */
printer_set_option($handle, PRINTER_TEXT_COLOR, "000000");
printer_draw_text($handle, 1, 1, "text");*/
/* do some stuff with the dc */



it's shows error undefine function printer_open() in line 1.

Just to clarify, you want to print the report on the client side? You cannot print from a PHP server to a printer attached to a user's computer directly. If you want to do that you need to send the file to the user's browser with a JavaScript command window.print() to print it from there.