hi. well got my dipploma from http://wsi.tafensw.edu.au, and the site is at : http://marvinhunkin.bmtafeweb.com. now. need a accessible, screen reader, free version of a web host or free domain, with penty of. looking to develop my next project, a blindness site. with a podcast section, uploading documents, a blog, chat application, so should i learn to do this in word press. at http://www.howtobeblind.com, going to enroll in a free course, how to build sites using word press for the blind. i have jaws, window eyes and i have office 2010, so got it free, and nvda. so, any one able to help me out. been looking around. marvin. space

Are you only asking for a free webhost and a free domain?

I would not recommend going for the free web hosts. They do usually provide a really unstable and slow service. The only considerable one I've used is http://www.000webhost.com

Instead, go and find a fairly cheap web hosting provider. They usually provide a much more stable service and have a few more features for you to use. If you are planning on releasing this to the public, you might also want to consider moving it away from a shared web hosting plan and consider either dedicated hosting or a VPS.


They can both be recommended if you want to use a VPS.

Free domains? Again, I will recommend you to buy one since it adds more trust to the site plus it will easier be indexed by search engines (.com, .net. .org etc.)

If you just want a place to develop your sites, but not necessarily publish them you can always install a local dev server. Such as, WAMP etc.

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