I'm at a loss...leave work on Friday, everything is working fine. Some time over this last weekend, a problem develops...none of our XP Pro Workstations can connect to our domain network when they restart on Monday, and our Server 2003 with Exchange 2003 can't either. All of these systems cannot seem to find our DC server...also a Server 2003 machine. However, all of our Windows 7 Pro machines connect to the domain network just fine and are able to access all netowrk resources and shares (except email, of course). Nothing to interesting in the event logs. We run a virtual machine (Hyper-V) environment on a 2008 Server Host. There is only one DC. Exchange server will start up (after about 35 minutes of applying settings, etc) but Information Store, MTA Stacks, and System Attendant will not start. I think DNS is OK as well, but not totally sure what I should be looking for there.

Never mind, solved it. AVG Business edition started blocking RPC ports, preventing authentication. Just out of the blue - apparently the windows 7 machines weren't affected. All back up and running now.

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