i have much tried for this solution but not any well solution found.if any one know how can we compare two audio files by their voice and after comparing it give the result of matching voices.please if any one now the solution told me.

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Not simple. Check out CMUSphinx and Julius projects:

Both are open source and provide a C API, Sphinx4 provides also a Java API. So if you want to make them work along with PHP you can create CGI scripts:

Or write a PHP extension:


I addition to Cereal's recommendations, there were few voice (of course converted to audio) recognition applications written in PHP. I'm not sure if they still exist today.

  1. Voice PHP
  2. PHP Voice

Try searching these terms on sourceforge. I am pretty sure I forked this application some years ago, but due to lack of interest from the developers, the original author abandoned the project.

You will need FFMPEG PHP to use it as an audio comparator.

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