I need to know how to populate a dropdownlist and how do i put a title/heading above my listbox? i've been trying and my listbox heading just keep sitting next to listbox.. Ooh! almost forgot how to insert groupview

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I would say that you have too many questions without providing any detail/sample code, etc...

You should consider dedicating one thread per question.. My suggestion is to start with your first question.

I need to know how to populate a dropdownlist

You can do this from the dropdown list control in your design view by attaching a data source to it, or you can do it from your code behind page say on Page Load. Or you can simply provide the drowndown list with a static list of entries on the control itself in the aspx page.

What do you want to populate this control with? static data, data from a datasource (XML file, database table)?


Static data, let say i have a dropdownlist with bread and milk and when a user select milk the other dropdownlist must populate the types of milk maybe provide the user options like full cream milk, or low fat milk, or fat free milk..

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