I got a project to add some changes; but the problem is that the code is 4 years old; it is running on server but not on LOCAL; How I can run old PHP locally ?

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Install a stack like XAMPP.

Can you please guide How it can de done on Windows ?

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Go to the XAMPP site and follow the instructions. Did you go to the site?

I went the website; but did not found anything related stack

As you metioned run STACK on XAMPP; I already insatlled XAMPP; I want to run old PHP code locally ..

place the good ole php file inside the directory called xampp/htdocs, run xampp control panel, start apache, start mysql server, and then direct your browser to localhost/old_php_filename.php.

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If you've already installed XAMPP, you should be able to run the php code. 'Stack' is just a term for the 'package' of Apache, PHP, MySQL and other bits and bobs.

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