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Hi guys Happy New year. I miss you all :), that is just by the way.

I am thinking of building a CMS with nodejs ana i will like your take on it?
First of all i have seen other simlly projects but they are all fixed in the type
of database they use and also other things.
Now this is my proposal:

like any other CMSs it should be data driven more like drupal structure but
with real time feature, like, knowing who is online and who is posting a comment right from the box.
also the ability to plug in other databases.
I am thinking of a seperation in that there is the core, the plugins and the themes
the themes is what front end developes build and this can be done on the life server
using an inbuild text editor. The plugins are codes that are build to expend the functionality of
the framework
the core is what actually drives the whole thing, which is the framework

the CMS will also proved an installation like that of drupal where the super user will be create
and others.
and also a generic UI that can be costomize for most blog and others
what do you guys think and what feature can be added or removed or this is not worth it

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