I am trying to do a Page to PHPExcel to user fill an Html Page and send to PHP and it will:

Open my default Excel Page and after fills the Excel Page with information send by Html
What i dont know is how to do it read if is monday or thuersday etc and if is not holiday or lay-off(im started trying with If's)

and color it in how much modules are introduced (can be like max 10 modules(each module is like a matter of each discipline))

and each block of time have 90minutos and each module will fill with hours like 9hours and it need to do like 9=540 minutes 540/90=6 so will fill 6 days in the days user choose(ex: Monday and Friday it will fill 3 mondays and 3 fridays if is not a holiday or lay-off) and for this blocks of days only will use one color and if the user choose another module it will do same but with another colour)

and having too problem with rich words can't download if use ยดรง+' (etc)

i'm new with PHPExcel and PHP only have a little experience with PHP(like 1 year)
sorry for my english

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sorry for my english

Yes, it's a bit unclear. Perhaps if you just concentrated on one thing first? You seem to want to do many different things.

it is for a school and the user fill a html form
like how many modules and how many hours each
and what days in the week will be, like monday and friday. it will fill only mondays and fridays in this exemple but each block of time only have 90minutes so it will need to do (for exemple:9h*60m=540m 540/90=6 blocks of time ) and seach if is not holiday or lay-off and only fill with one color i think need to say to if is 1/2 3/4(but is not important)
i know is a high job and i tryed to use If's to detect if is monday etc and i need rich words
i tryed to explain better

i'm concentrated on one thing first in detect what day user fill in checkbox in the form

i can show the If's code when i get my pc

hmm i think is not that
what i trying to do is i using If's to search on Excel with PHPExcel i already say what colunn are the week days now it need to search if like B4 is Monday if is Fill it if not skip it

when i get my computer i will show my If's Circle

sorry for double post

sorry i have my code now
of IF's Circle


   For ($i=7; $i<=50; $i++) {

       If (isSet($_POST['checkSegunda'])){
          If ($_POST['checkSegunda']==$dia){

        If (isSet($_POST['checkTerca'])){
        If ($_POST['checkTerca']==$dia){

        If (isSet($_POST['checkQuarta'])){
        If ($_POST['checkQuarta']==$dia){

       If (isSet($_POST['checkQuinta'])){
        If ($_POST['checkQuinta']==$dia){

       If (isSet($_POST['checkSexta'])){ 
        If ($_POST['checkSexta']==$dia){
        }         }


im trying to it auto-detect if is Monday(Segunda in this case) etc from my default excel page , start in line 7 and end in line 50 colunn A