I wonder how do you create a scrollable website like:

scrollable website

I mean I would like to design a tall portrait website then whenever people click the navigation bar it will take them to certain section of the portrain website just like in the link example.

How to do so?

Thanks in advance.

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Have a look at the js and css. It's probably all there.

I have view the js & css with firebug and I still unable to comprehand what it means nor find the similar in google.

Any other reference that might help, supposing that I have to create a similar website concept?

As far as I am aware of... the header is simply just fixed and placed on top of everthing while the site itself, the part you see that gets scrolled, is just a simple single page website. If I were you, study single page websites... they are actually kind of fun to make and there are many FREE downloads of a completed single page site that you can learn from.

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