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My problem is, i have a page that is to be shown in a panel, the result is it shows with master page, how can i show the page without MasterPage.

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I dont want multiple master pages, i only want a page apaearing without the mater page inside the iframe.

I understand, but you can create a master page that has no additional HTML content.

The idea i had to address this issue was that you can call that page with an optional querysting. When you detect the querystring on the page load, use code behind code to use the other master page that has no additional HTML content. That way when its loaded in the iframe, you will only see the content and not your common website master page.

I have problems becaus of the site security, i cant use aanother masterpage, is the another solution??

On the code behind of your target page, you can create a web method that produces the same results and this web method can be called via Ajax.

You can also create another page that doesn't use the master page.

i tried that unfortenly the goddamn picker from telerik does not work

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