I am using Windows 8 and visual studio, it used to work good never had a problem, yesterday started to give me this problem everytime i run a website it gives me this message, and i know did not change anything on configuration,
Error 403.14 - Forbidden The Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory.

This is an indication that the path is referencing a directory rather than a file or the root of your website.

Something must have changed.

Does this happen if you create a new project/website?

Are you running this with the basic IIS server component that ships with a as or did you install IIS on that computer?

Yes it does even if i create a new project/website same problem, This vs2012 its installed on my win 8 for more than 3 months now, yesterday i was trying to open e project which we did in school and that project was created on vs2010, and did not worked and my vs get closed(not responding), i reopened it again and no problem but everything i di when i run it it gives me the same problem.

after i got this problem i re-install iis but same problem.