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Not gravity forms but simple product add ons. I believe this is what you need.


It's half the price, also remember that the one you provided, not only do you have to buy the woocommerce addon but ALSO gravity forms plugin separately. So it will be much more than $99.

I think the link above at $49 is a fair price. And you'll need it.

I tried customising woocommerce and had no luck whatsoever. I would literally take months to figure out the 'hooks' and what to add where.


Thank you. This is much better indeed, yeah man everything in woocommerce is plugin dependent and costs so much, I think for future projects I will use open cart since it has 1000's of free plugins. I was looking at different codes to I am always so scared to mess with that because I dont want the site to crash, but thanks again


I agree it is a tough decision. Wordpress has a lot of good things going for it so it is the cms of choice. Never used open cart and I would never dream of attempting to use magento.

In all fairness though, woocommerce along with that extension does more or less everything you would want an e-commerce shop to do.

For a highly customised shop you might even consider rolling out your own cms.

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