how could i send email to list of email addresses inside a mysql database??

i want to create a site helping students find home tuitions.

when students fill form regarding subjects they want tuitions ,concerning teachers should get e-mail..tell how can i do this??

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hello sir,

what are the free solutions for sending e-mails through smtp..

can i get a smtp serevr for free ??

or any other free non-smtp method ??


Yes there are several free alternatives for SMTP and PHP.

If your server has PEAR installed you could use that. You can also use GMail or SwiftMailer to send email. The solution that urtrivedi has given you is a free solution, but here are a couple more links below.

pear.php.net Click Here
swiftmailer Click Here

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dear sir,

gmail smtp blocks after sending some emails .gmail smtp is not a permanent solution..


If this is happening to you input your information into your code instead of GMail ports, host and your credentials. Check with your host. Almost all servers have SMTP installed. If your host offers email solutions from your website then they more than likely have SMTP servers installed. If your looking for totaly free solution then you could use localhost by installing SMTP on localhost and editing your PHP ini file to reflect the correct info. (ie: username, password, port, and host)

Also if your sending multiple emails from your database at one time then it may be getting caught in GMail's spam filters. One way to avoid this is to send the emails using threads. That way you can set timers to send the emails over a period of time instead of all at once.

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