Dear friends,

I have the pages for website in html, I need to change those html pages to wordpress.
I don't know how to do that,

Please help me

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i have yet to venture into wordpress but im pretty sure the languages are php and mysql AND html because its to create websites.

you said:

I have the pages for website in html I need to change those html pages to wordpress.

you don't change html. html is for the interface design. in order to fully utilize wordpress i guess you just have to learn from beginning php and mysql. coz theres really no point of using wordpress if u dont know the basic languages.

php manual

good luck!

when you've done that then ask more questions and im sure the experts here will be glad to help.


You have to change the CSS & theme to develop a word press website from HTML. These are only the simple ways to convert a html code in word press.


Go to Youtube and type HTML to WordPress video tutorial. You will see lots of videos that will explain to you.

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