<h3>In php how do you create accounts and let the user send messages to each other which cannot be viewed by other people .</code></h3>

<h2>The only thing i have come close to is by creating accounts by giving each one them an unique email id and let them send and recieve messages using smtp server.</h2>

Does php have anything better,or somebody can suggest something better.

Set up your database with a User table and a Mail table.

When a user logs in, have it query the Mail table for any entries assigned to them.

I'd set up my tables somewhat like this.

    id -> int
    name - varchar[128]
    email - varchar[256]
    id -> int
    from -> int (references a User.id)
    to -> int (references a User.id)
    date -> datetime
    read -> boolean
    replied -> boolean

Yeah, just use PHP. What i did for a network support ticketing system was to modify some guestbook code. You aught to be able to do the same thing.

Thanks man for the help ,will try to do that.

Thanks man for the help ,will try to do that.

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thanks anyway