I need a Javascript Code to prevent users from right clicking on my website..
alot of people tell me why would you do that? the people will hate your site.
but my site has a whole lot of images and videos i made myself and u know these stupid people who go stealing images, removing your watermark and posting them on their website without giving credits..
yes, theft.
So, Yea i need to block right click.
any codes available?

right click disabled or not, if someone wants to steal your images or video, they will. watermark your own stuff, sue when you find someone using your work.

This concept is not new, but if read up, you'll find that preventing someone from grabbing your content is not really attainable just by disabling the right click. You see...the fact that the content (text and images) have to be downloaded to the client means that they are available to the end user.

I can see the source code by using the dev tools on my browser. All of hte HTML will be there, including the location of where the images are stored.

Even if you were able to hide all of that markup, I can get a packet capture and see where the stuff is coming from.

I can also just take a screenshot of your web page and edit it in any image editing program.

By disabling the right click, you are only going to stop a very, very small number of people, mainly people that with very few computer skills.

ditto all the above, a watermarking script is easy to implement, and idoes not need to modify the images on the server, only while they are served