I am trying to study javascript in deeper detail due to some pretty embarrising mistakes i made on my site yesterday. I use some pretty nice sites and books and i was curious to know what sites or books do you guys know of that are pretty effective when it comes to teaching javascript.

I will make a list of the sites/books that i currently use, hopefully tomorrow.

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Here are the books I currently have on my bookshelf.

  1. Learning Javascript Design Pattern by Addy Osmani published by O'Reilly
  2. Professional Javascript for Web Developers by Nicholas C. Zakas published by Wrox.
  3. Node.js for PHP developers by Daniel Howard published by O'Reilly
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Pretty cool


While I'm not an expert in JavaScript, what I did when I first started was looked over all of the tutorials on codeacademy and bought this book from Apress (i love their books): Pro JavaScript for Web Apps ISBN13: 978-1-4302-4461-5.

Then from there just started trying to answer questions here on DW to get more experience.

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Okay, i will try using codeacademy and obtaining a Apress book
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