I use Chrome as my default browser. Until recently I had no problem using it to access my online banking site. Now after I enter the user/password it goes to the second authentication page (input three characters from memorable word), but when I click OK on this page it goes straight back to the user/password screen.
It works happily in Firefox and IE11.
I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit and I have the latest version of Chrome. I tried it on my son's laptop running Vista Home Premium (same version of Chrome) and it worked correctly on that.

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I am running the most recent versions of Chrome and Windows 7 Ultimate (corporate system - IT keeps them patched almost daily). No problems here, though if it has changed since Friday last (2 days ago) I wouldn't know. I'll be updating tomorrow, so if it has broken, I'll report it here. If not, then you have to think that possibly you have become infected with some virus.

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