Hello guys, i've been experiencing some troubles with my laptop for a while now. Sometimes randomly, when hours goes by, or sometimes minutes, my computer stops navigating in any browser, My connection info seems fine, but i can't navigate, can't play online games, skype won't connect, nothing works. YET! I can PING through Command Prompt Window (cmd).
It's pretty weird thing that is solved by restarting the computer, of course... until it happens again then i have to restart and blabla, i've seen it happens more often when Im fully focused on navigating the internet rather than playing online games or whatever.

I have Windows 7, AVG Internet Security, tried turning off the firewall. I ALSO used the restoring Windows app, through the option in "System Tools". Didn't work either.
I'm kinda stuck and personally don't know if reinstall Windows or something, have tried the usual solutions, flushing dns, renewing connection, but like I said it seems the problem goes beyond that I don't know. Also every computer in my network (rather than mine of course) works perfectly, over Wi-Fi and wired.

Hopefully you can guide me to the light

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Might be nasties. Read this and see if it's fixed. Upload logs if it isn't.

Have you tried resetting the router? The reason I ask this is because about a year ago I was at a customer site and they had 1 laptop that wouldn't browse either wired or wirelessly. Everything else worked fine (2 other laptops, 2 PC's, an xbox, 2 android tablets, an ipad and a smart TV). After resetting the router (via a pin in the reset button hole) absolutely everything worked perfectly.

I hope you are not using Windows OS. I have get this case a few years ago and the problem is come from my laptop. My laptop are doing spamming and using 100% internet connection for nothing and make me can not open any homepage. The best way is scan your computer by using antivirus and make sure your computer clean before connected into internet.

Beware with RDN/Spybot.bfr!h!B1645F540874, new computer virus. It's caused lots of damage.

If you finish with scanning by using antivirus, next step it check your modem or router. Please check your router connection in http://192,168.0.1 and also checking your LAN Connection.

I hope its work

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