i want to display my pdf file on same page when i click on left side ...pdf will open in right div
how i will do that???

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the pdf opens but it hides the left div i.e the menu bar from where i have more pdf's...i want that when i click a pdf it shows on right div container...and when click on other it shows there at place of first pdf.

Did you just dump the example code in your html, or did you adjust the js and css to your needs?

here i have list of pdf file from serevr:

<div class="lg_viewer_items">
         <a onclick="changeLink()" href="pdf/<?php echo $_REQUEST['path'];?>/<?php echo $file;?>"><?php echo $file;?></a>
         <img src="images/lg_viewer_border.png"/>

        here i want to show the selected pdf:

        <div class="lg_viewer_pdf" id="pdf"></div>
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