Hi every one.
i have built an online fleet management app in php/mysqli successfully. I now have to add a gps device to send lon,lat, speed and so on to online app.
I did some reading on php tcp socket listener, but am not very clear. Do any one have a php code that's able to send and receive data from a GPS?
I need to be pointed in the right dircetion...thx alot.

Some 5 or more years ago, someone from phpclasses.org made a PHP GPS locator. For some reason, I can't find my bookmark for it. Yes that could be done.

okay, I found the link in my inbox. Here is the link for the class. The script might need some upgrades, but that should not be a problem.

thx, taken a look at it

Hi Veedeoo, thanks for the info. It looks like the download is missing one file.

But am abit confused, do i need two mail scripts? Listener.php and receive_socket.php? what and what do i need to receive data from gps to my website?

Pls help out...:)