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I have manage to create codes that could upload a image that is purposely to serve as profile picture of a certain student. My problem is how to rename it to aN AUTO COLLATE UNIQUE ID NUMBER so that i can display it specifically to a certain student account which bears the unique id number. The variable is $student_id

    $session_id = $_SESSION['user_id'];
    if($session_id == null){
    include 'Connect.php';
    $flag = "";
    $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM student_information where student_id='{$_SESSION['user_id']}'",$link_id);;
    $data = mysql_fetch_array($result);
<div class="style3" >
    $uploadpath = 'upload/';     
    $max_size = 2000;         
    $alwidth = 900;           
    $alheight = 800;          
    $allowtype = array('bmp', 'gif', 'jpg', 'jpe', 'png','psd');       

    if(isset($_FILES['fileup']) && strlen($_FILES['fileup']['name']) > 1) {
    $uploadpath = $uploadpath . basename( $_FILES['fileup']['name']);      
    $sepext = explode('.', strtolower($_FILES['fileup']['name']));
    $type = end($sepext);      
    list($width, $height) = getimagesize($_FILES['fileup']['tmp_name']);     
    $err = '';         

    if(!in_array($type, $allowtype)) $err .= 'The file: <b>'. $_FILES['fileup']['name']. '</b> not has the allowed extension type.';
    if($_FILES['fileup']['size'] > $max_size*1000) $err .= '<br/>Maximum file size must be: '. $max_size. ' KB.';
    if(isset($width) && isset($height) && ($width >= $alwidth || $height >= $alheight)) $err .= '<br/>The maximum Width x Height must be: '. $alwidth. ' x '. $alheight;

    if($err == '') {
    if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES['fileup']['tmp_name'], $uploadpath)) { 
      echo 'File: <b>'. basename( $_FILES['fileup']['name']). '</b> successfully uploaded:';
      echo '<br/>File type: <b>'. $_FILES['fileup']['type'] .'</b>';
      echo '<br />Size: <b>'. number_format($_FILES['fileup']['size']/1024, 3, '.', '') .'</b> KB';
      if(isset($width) && isset($height)) echo '<br/>Image Width x Height: '. $width. ' x '. $height;
      echo '<br/><br/>Image address: <b>http://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].rtrim(dirname($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']), '\\/').'/'.$uploadpath.'</b>';
    else echo '<b>Unable to upload the file.</b>';
  else echo $err;

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move_uploaded_file($_FILES['fileup']['tmp_name'], $uploadpath change $uploadpath

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move_uploaded_file($_FILES['fileup']['tmp_name'], $uploadpath change $uploadpath

This upload path?

$uploadpath = $uploadpath . basename( $_FILES['fileup']['name']); or this?

$uploadpath = 'upload/';

I doubt how i could change it to rename the file to the current student who is uploading the photo using their student id.

Please advise

1.) Are you on a shared server or your own server? This is issues for both basename and path directory.

2.) In your header redirect use header as an absolute path in your redirect, not relative.

3.)In your $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM student_information where student_id='{$_SESSION['user_id']}'",$link_id); go ahead since you already have the user id assigned as session then create a variable for that session name instead, then you can simply use that variable name when you rename the file, if that's all you want, like; 44.jpg or 27.png. What is this $link_id?

4.) I looked around and see you posted this elsewhere, which is smart, though I also am unsure if your wrote this (understand it) because there is a lot of set variables and other things that don't make sense, why its' there or used.

5.) In addition to #4 above are you wanting to set the picture as the same variable that was auto created per the user or are you trying to auto create something else. Not really clear here and thus also the logic would not make to much sense unless you create function or rand when user registered and set to your db and then concate that with user id in this case your student id or $link_id.

6.) You need php rename function.

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